I used to be a party girl.
The kind who thought that sex, drugs and rock and roll would solve my problems and somehow make me happy. It was a constant cycle of reckless behavior, instant gratification and crude wake up calls. 

At a point, the downward spiral got to be too much and I knew that if I didn’t stop I’d have serious repercussions. Enough was enough. The actions I was taking in reaction to my inner pain was not leading me to joy. It was driving me further away from it. I could spend my time running from my Self, or I could finally stop and face reality.

Easier said than done. The process to health was much more complex than I had initially thought when I committed myself to it. I wanted to eat healthy, but I didn’t know how to cook. Consistent meditation was frequently recommended to me, but how would I find the time? Daily exercise seemed so far off; I was mortified to go to a gym since I had no idea what I was doing. I felt like an imposter. This idea of a healthy lifestyle seemed so complex and overwhelming that I doubted if I could ever attain it. 

As a perfectionist, it’s hard for me to do anything without it being *just* right. However, in this case, I let myself be messy. I learned, tried, fell off track, got back on track, and tried again. That cycle lasted years. Integrating the daily habits was easy, until I didn’t want to do it anymore and then it got hard. But, I kept at it.

After years of trial and error, I looked back one day and saw, I had begun to embody the healthy lifestyle that I desired from the bottom of my heart. I felt better in my body, my mind and my soul. Getting to this place of feeling good made me realize that I wanted to help other people feel good, too.

The idea to combine sectors of holistic wellness that made the biggest difference in my life seemed like the most natural and effective way to share my passion for integrated health. Thus, SoulFit was born. The idea is that to be “fit” we must branch out from the way we normally perceive it. Fit isn’t just being physically healthy. It’s also mental and emotional health.

SoulFit combines 6 sectors of health into a complete method of alignment to your highest self. We combine meditation, movement, breathwork, intuitive eating, interpersonal and intrapersonal work to help guide others to their best self. 


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