1:1  coaching designed for those who feel stuck in their wellness journey




We'll work together to customize a wellness plan for each aspect that we cover: mindfulness, movement and intuitive eating. Whether you've fallen off track or just need something to spice up your routines, our plans will definitely get you reinspired to commit to your daily health habits.


Discover how you get in your own way and how to rewire your brain to develop new patterns of habitual thoughts and behaviors. You'll learn how to set yourself up for success and stay on track!


Exclusive essentials like recipes, guided meditations and workouts made just for you. You'll get the tools you need to quiet your mind, nourish your body, and sooth your soul.


Guiding your body, mind and soul into a consistent lifestyle isn't easy. Accountability and check ins keep you on track even when it's gets hard. You'll get access to ask questions and get answers and support between coaching sessions.



Integrative Private Coaching

Embrace integrates all of the basics of mental, physical, and spiritual health. This trifecta of wellness helps you to fine tune your daily life so that you can live in a way that feels strong, spacious and free.

Make your dreams happen by making your vessel as healthy and happy as possible. Through mindset shift, habit integration and goal work you'll build a template for your days that give you enough spaciousness to work towards fulfilling your purpose in life. 



  • 6 month container for growth and expansion in a 1:1 setting

  • 4, 1 hour private coaching sessions a month

  • Lifetime access to all course materials

  • Support identifying your struggles in healthy living and how to work around them.

  • Assistance shifting old patterns into new habits.

  • Access to exclusive SoulFit content, as well as personalized wellness plans to fit your needs.

  • Accountability to keep you on track throughout the training

  • Option for short and long term payment plans



Do you plan the night before to work out in the morning and then don't? Maybe you have a healthy breakfast planned and you snooze one too many times and end up eating Pop Tarts? Do you also come home from work exhausted and feel like you have no time leftover for YOU?

You want to live a healthy life, but LIFE gets in the way! Embracing a healthy life sounds like what you want, but you just can't commit to daily practices and routines that it requires. Sometimes it just seems easier to go back to your old ways of take out and the Whole Foods hot bar. 

Whether you've been struggling to find your rhythm in transitioning to a healthy lifestyle or have consistently worked towards it only to fall back to old habits, this 1:1 coaching course is designed to help you design the life you want. After that, everything falls into place. Once we shift the inside, the outside transforms too. Making the changes in yourself will bring the changes you want to see in your life.

Embrace is for you if you want to make a difference in the world by being the best version of yourself!



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