Feedback from Previous SoulFitters


"I’m so glad that I took this 6 week journey. Thus was a lot of territory to cover in 6 sessions, but the pace, flow, and organization was very good. I enjoyed the group discussions on different aspects of the topics each week... I’m looking forward to integrating it all into my life and appreciating the changes.”


“You made it more clear for me to work on the things I want to change in my life. You are helping me build the path that I want to walk on.”


“Thank you for sharing your unique and special wisdom with us. SoulFit has been full of wonderful bits of new information and also important reminders.”



"I really treasured my time with Ellie and the group of community she built through her Evolve workshop. Ellie not only teaches with such a wealth of knowledge, and clarity, but also creates space for sharing, healing, and growth. I am honored to have grown within this space, and left with a deeper understanding of myself, my choices, and how to create balance within my life."


Ellie you were so wonderful, encouraging, inspirational, FUN, and informative throughout the course! Always so solid and supportive, every single session (and anytime I had a question throughout the week)! The course was a wonderful package of information and practices that I know I’ll be taking forward with me for the rest of my life! I am so thankful for the opportunity to take part in this incredible experience!! I highly recommend the course!



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